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St. Petersburg - management consulting. Study - consulting company Staf-Alliance provides management consulting services in St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia. In the life of any organization there comes a stage when it is faced with the need to improve the efficiency of their work, solving the problems of development. This is especially important during periods of rapid growth and a sharp change in the environment. Modern business is dynamic and requires a great deal of flexibility by companies that seek to survive and succeed. As the experience of the consulting company Staf-Alliance is not always an organization has its own human and time resources to solve specific problems or tasks of development. Without an outside expert assistance here is indispensable. Involvement of external consultants not only helps to avoid mistakes, but also to achieve high performance of the company to increase its profit and to bring the organization to a new level. Based on extensive consulting and management experience, the company Staf-Alliance offers advanced solutions in the field of business management and realizes complex consulting projects that improve the manageability and competitiveness of your business. Whether it is preparing a business plan, marketing strategy or development and market launch of the new brand - work with Staf-Alliance, our customers gain access to knowledge, expertise and experience gained by our company for more than 15 years. In addition, the membership of our company in certain international organizations - the key to our future professional development and improvement for the benefit of clients and partners of the consulting company Staf-Alliance. Today, practice management consulting to Staf-Alliance includes the following areas: • Strategic consulting Staf-Alliance - a set of measures for the development of promising areas of creation and further development of the company (setting goals and objectives of the company, the development of mission and vision, the development of strategic initiatives). • Marketing consulting Staf-Alliance - will allow you to assess market prospects and opportunities of your business, build a marketing goals, develop a set of marketing communications, create a customer-oriented company, to develop a new brand. • HR-consulting Staf-Alliance - will help to build a personnel management system, which, by improving the professionalism and maintaining a high level of employee loyalty will increase the company's productivity and create competitive advantage. • Business planning Staf-Alliance - one of the main tools of business management, which determines the effectiveness of its activities: setting goals, objectives, resource allocation. • Operational advice Staf-Alliance - allows system design flexibility, make your company a coordinated and managed, eliminate functional duplication and "weaknesses" to find internal reserves for business development, focusing on the company's operations achieve their goals. In addition to the main areas, a consulting company Staf-Alliance will help you to: • the project management; • Technical support: search for equipment, suppliers, customers and partners; • forcing out: the transfer of marketing, HR consulting agency functions of the enterprise; • assistance in entering foreign markets (Europe, Russia, Canada, USA, China). The experience and qualifications of the experts of consulting company Staf-Alliance, working in close collaboration with the customer, aimed at obtaining and comprehensive analysis of the available data and the development of solutions and strategies for client organizations make fuller use of their own resources and strengths for qualitative growth, competitive advantage, and the goals of the company. The end result of the activity of the consulting company Staf-Alliance is not the only solution to the problems faced by managers, but also improve the efficiency of the company as a whole, and in some cases the creation of competitive advantages and the withdrawal of organizations - customers to the next level in business.STAF-ALLIANCE Security Service Group provides services in security sphere and operational risks. We have supported our clients in comlete complex decision-making for more than 20 years.

Information services

STAF-ALLIANCE Security Service Group has necessary expertise and qualification to do company personnel background screening in accordance with international standards and client’s needs. The applied methods allow reducing the risk of employing potential fraudsters and morally defected people. Our specialists conduct internal investigations, organize containment, and help to find out clashes and problems of informal relationships in corporate environment. Our team of experts offers to optimize and improve corporate decisions with the help of true information depending on the task.

• KYC and KYP services (partners, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, representatives and trade agents of your companies in Russia and abroad).
• Information support of the client’s security service.
• Information support under tenders procedures.
• All media monitoring of the company’s information background.
• Your company’s employees training on safety and security issues.
• Development of company’s environment map.

Legal services

Our lawyers are focused on long-term partnership and constant monitoring of the client’s problems. The company provides full consulting and complex client service on enforcement of the laws in force issues.

• Legal services on subscribers agreements.
• Legal examination of agreements, founding documents, international contracts.
• Typical documents preparation (agreements, orders, etc.). 
• Pre-trial claim settlement, participation in negotiations.
• Preparation of a case for trial, interest intermediation.
• Collecting documents and paperwork, transaction support in Federal Service of State Registration, Cadastral Records and Mapping in Saint-Petersburg. 
• Participation in negotiations on social and labour issues between the client and governmental and municipal authorities. 

Detective services

In the range of effective and timeless methods of STAF-ALLIANCE there are the most modern ways of information collection and analysis. It allows penetrating into the client’s problems in the shortest terms and finding effective ways of different problems solution.

• Fact-finding inquiry of property and reputation damage.
• Lost property search.
• Interests clash (circumstances investigation).
• Forensic tests, dactyloscopic and graphologic examination data interpretative work.
• Insured risks investigation.
• Receivables collection.
• Collecting services.
• Assistance in complicated negotiations.
• Assistance and risk management under the employee dismissal.
• Personnel polygraph testing.

The complex service “Security Manager”

Organization and management of security department outsourcing. Optimal losses under maximal security system efficiency. STAF-ALLIANCE specialists will provide your security system support and solve the problems in security sphere of your company.

STAF-ALLIANCE Security Service Group provides the following services:

  • Protection against fraud while dealing with foreign person or entity. We can help you not to be the victim of fraudsters buying very expensive property abroad;
  • Support and assistance in solving complex situations with you or your relatives while staying abroad on business or rest;
  • Your relatives abroad search and contact backup;
  • Genealogical studies.

Analytical services

Business society is dynamic and changing environment. It is impossible to succeed in business without understanding market modern trends and key-players behavior. Analytical department of "STAF-ALLIANCE" works with different enterprises: from multinationals to medium-sized private companies and start-ups. Our main clients are business owners, shareholders, the Chairmen of the Boards of Directors who are interested in their capital effective management and competitive business retaining.

Uniting the expertise of consultants of many different spheres, company experts "STAF-ALLIANCE" will be your unique partner in the following tasks solutions:

• Due Diligence.
• Security system audit and its concept development.
• Risk-management development and application.
• Research on finding out counterfeit goods.
• Knowledge management in Internet.
• Fraud, corruption and conflict of interests investigations.
• Risks assessment while market expansion.
• Assistance in moulding positive company image.
• Independent inside investigations.

"EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE" servicing system

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program is the network of centers responsible for all types of assistance: consultations, information and practical assistance. We will help you in every situation.

Practical assistance:

Emergency service for settling conflicts including mobile patrols’ arrival at the place of conflict or car accident, support while driving, search information about presence of client’s car at the penalty lots etc.

Legal help: professional lawyers’ consulting. Advocate help on demand of a client.

Inquiry and consulting on conflicts’ settlement, contact information and addresses of enterprises both commercial and state, information regarding your rights and obligations in accordance with the current legislation etc.

Assistance while solving daily problems. Consulting assistance – consulting on personal safety. Information support on many issues.

The detailed information on the program website -
Services within the Program are offered in unified standards at the immense territory. There are a lot of cities: Cheboksary, Cherepovets, Ekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Kaliningrad, Kiev, Kishinev, Krasnodar, Lipetsk, Moscow, Murmansk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orel, Petrozavodsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ryazan, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Stavropol, Syktyvkar, Ufa, Ulan-Ude, Veliky Novgorod, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Vologda, Voronezh, Yoshkar-Ola.

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