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«STAF-ALLIANCE» offers physical security services for objects of any complexity. We start with an individual security concept which incorporates analysis of the particular details of the secured premises. The concept takes into consideration different parameters, namely the size and the complexity of the premises, its environment, possible threats and risks.

Guarding Services

Physical security means that in your premises, whether it is an office, a shop, a warehouse or an industrial building, there is a special control point where one, two or several people are in charge. They also patrol the area and provide passive observation and routine inspections, secure work of the premises. Read more >>


The scale of business and the peculiarities of the premises define the most effective and economically beneficial methods and ways to protect the enterprise's property, and its employees’ lives and health. Along with hardware and software development and information infrastructure expansion, the technological tools for company property protection are becoming more and more significant. They not only guarantee property maintenance but also provide remote monitoring of premises. Read more >>



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