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Dear friends!

«STAF-ALLIANCE» Security Service Group has been in the market for more than 20 years.

At the start of the company there was a team of like-minded people who made the decision to start their own business in the open market economy of that time. The environment was very tough. There was a fragmenting state, and dysfunctional administrative and law systems. On the appearance of business structures in new Russia there was also an upsurge of criminality. This posed a great challenge for the company.

Our strength was in our team and we realized that only through the unity of people could we succeed in this situation.
Having begun from the provision of only physical security «STAF-ALLIANCE» started to develop very fast we diversified into information, analytics, technology, detective services and legal counseling.

The founders of the company are its current shareholders and the members of The Board of Directors.


We managed to unite and create the alliance where many former specialists were able to utilize their knowledge and experience. Nowadays our core staff is very professional and competitive in the security service market.

During these years we have strengthened our position in the market and now our clients have become our partners and our friends. We have overcome many critical situations and we are looking forward to continued progress.
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