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Security Company «STAF-ALLIANCE Arkhangelsk» LLC
Novgorodsky ave., 181, office 5
Arkhangelsk, 163000
Security Company «STAF-ALLIANCE Murmansk» LLC
13A Dekabristov str.
Murmansk, 183010
Security Company «STAF-ALLIANCE Karelia» LLC
11 Sortavalskaya str. Petrozavodsk
Karelian Republic, 185026
Security Company «STAF-ALLIANCE Pskov» LLC
28 Starotekstilnaya str.
Pskov, 180021
Velikiy Novgorod
Security Company «STAF-ALLIANCE Novgorod» LLC
53 Moskovskaya str.
Veliky Novgorod, 173003
Security Company «STAF-ALLIANCE Vologda» LLC
17 Vorkutinskaya str., office 4
Vologda, 160032

«STAF-ALLIANCE» Security Service Group has a branch network all over the North-Western region and partnerships all over Russia that allow the provision of object security even in the distant parts of our country.

Partnership network created in cooperation with «MIG» Security services, implements EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Interregional Program thst is the network of centers responsible for all types of assistance: consultations, information and practical assistance in more than 30 cities and regions of the Russian Federation and also in the Ukraine and Moldava.

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